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Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Ppuri Park

Ppuri Park
  • Type

    12 Attractions of Daejeon

  • Location

    70, Sajeonggongwon-r0, Jung-gu

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Ppuri Park is an educational place with the world’s first sculptures symbolizing family names allowing everyone to know their background and foster filial piety and make them aware that they are from Korean descent. This park features a variety of facilities including sculptures of family names, Sasindo (the painting of four gods) and Sibijiji (the twelve terrestrial branches)-shaped spring water, waterside stage, where various events are held, the forest park, observatory, octagonal pavilion, recreational forest and the nature observation garden. In addition, there are 30 mini motor cars (2 seats, for preschoolers and elementary school students), a Traffic Safety Education Center, where traffic signs and pedestrian traffic lights are installed, nature observation trail and the arboretum. This park attracts visitors with a variety of cultural events: a family name sculpture installation and unveiling ceremony, provincial friendship tournament, children’s day event, senior citizens’ event, sign language singing park, music concert, etc., and fascinating facilities: Octagonal pavilion ‘Jasanjeong,’ chestnut tree park, pleasant trail, waterside stage, fountain, etc.

Ppuri Park1
Leaning back and taking a rest near my roots

Ppuri is founded the foot of Mansung Mountain. Across Yoodeung-chun, thin cliffs and rich greens are in a place that makes you feel purified just by turning off your engine. Blue skies, trees, and a beautiful brook provide comfort as if you are back home when you step in the parking lot. Ppuri Park has sculptures symbolizing family names built for the first time in the world to let everyone know their background and foster filial piety and make them aware that they are from Korean descent. It is an educational place for filial piety and has various facilities including sculptures of family names, Sasindo (the painting of four gods) and Sibijiji (the twelve terrestrial branches)-shaped spring water, Octagonal pavilion, recreational forest, nature observatory, etc.

Ppuri Park2
Ppuri Park3

You can arrive at the entrance of Ppuri Park by crossing the bridge across Yudeung-chun. Above, the greens of Mansung Mountain stretch out and a lawn is spread out in the front yard of the park. The fine lawn is Ppuri Park’s best place for children playing with balls and families having picnics. A few steps in front of the entrance, Ppuris that are attracting our feet are lined up together. 136 family name sculptures magnificently greet greet their descendants. From families of Jaeryung gang, Geum san Kim, to Namyang Hong, each sculpture is inscribed with an origin and stories of each family name, with a total of 136 family names. When you walk in between the sculptures carefully looking for a treasure, you can find your family name sculpture. It feels like home. It is just a large stone but you can feel the warmth of blood. In the middle is a mini road and traffic to educate children on traffic safety. Children can learn the meanings of various traffic signs and safety rules when crossing the road. Children can have fun because it is outdoor education in a safe place. It is on a lawn so they can freely run around and fall. The parents can focus on the education without worrying.


There is a boating site down the Shun-byun. You can notice the lined-up duck ships. It feels like you are in heaven when you are on the water in one of them. Jokbo Museum emphasizes the curiosity of your roots. The genealogy museum newly opened in 2010 provides a more clear and accurate explanation of family roots that cannot be fully presented only by the sculptures. In addition, Daejeon city provides various educational programs for students including ‘Fun exploration of genealogy museum’ and others accelerating their adventure to find their roots. Beyond this, Ppuri Park provides diverse annual events. The meaning of events related to finding family roots is extraordinary. This includes the ‘Root of Filial Piety Festival’ held each spring to reinforce awareness of our origins to modern society where filial piety has been lost. Ppuri Park is like a second home to find my family roots in beautiful nature. Fun stories, history, and family exist there. You can find a trace of your ancestors in your heart. At Ppuri Park, you can vividly witness the quiet growth of forgotten family roots.

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