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Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Jangtaesan Park

Jangtaesan Park
  • Type

    12 Attractions of Daejeon

  • Location

    461, Jangan-ro, Seo-gu, Daedjeon

  • Telephone


It is in Jangan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon and is one of the 12 Attractions of Daejeon with its magnificent landscape. The only Metasequoia forest in Korea is formed here densely and with its exotic landscape, and it is famous as a resting forest for families to enjoy. Jangtaesan Mountain Forest is the first forest developed and run by a private fund in South Korea. It was taken over by Daejeon Metropolitan City in February of 2002 and remodeled and re-opened in April, 2006.

Jangtaesan Park1
Resting area for citizens of Daejeon

With its exotic landscape, Jangtaesan Mountain Forest is famous as a resting forest for families and has various attractions with an extending forest passing Yongtaewul reservoir near the entrance. The visitors can watch the glow of the setting sun at the observatory on the Brother rock on top of the mountain. Further, it goes back to 1973 when MT. Jangtaesan started to have the look of a forest. Chang-bong Im (deceased), who lamented ‘Daejeon has many places for entertainment but there is no real resting place,’ started a private fund and started to build a place with trees. He planted trees such as tamaracks, pine, paulownia, metasequoia, etc., and these trees have grown into a total of 134,000 over 20 years to form colonies and form the forest seen now. With a field area of 815,855 m2 and capacity for 6,000 people, Jangtaesan Mountain Forest at an altitude of 306.3 meter opened on Feb. 24th, 2014 as the first private forest in South Korea.

Jangtaesan Park2
Jangtaesan Park3
Road calling me

Jangtaesan Mountain Forest not only has a magnificent landscape but also has many attractions. Representative programs are ‘Insects Observation’ and ‘Forest Experiencing Sky Way.’ Visitors can search for and observe insects living everywhere in the forest. From an insect craft program using natural by-products, Ganbuljae (shredded trees used to increase gaps between trees to promote their growth), the visitors can understand diverse insect worlds and feel the preciousness of life. After slowly walking around Jangtaesan Mountain Forest, visitors can feel the refreshment of a tired body and mind from their daily lives. The way down is much lighter. The forest cheers quietly.

It is a place where the blue birds hiding in our hearts realize that they are home and fly up to cleanse our mind. At Jangtaesan Mountain Forest, you can meet a blue bird that you have never met before.

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