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Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Yuseong Hot Spring

Yuseong Hot Spring
  • Type

    12 Attractions of Daejeon

  • Location

    Whole area, Onchenon-ro, Yunseong-gu Daejeon

  • Telephone


At Yuseong Hot Spring Street, Asian Fringe trees with snow-like white petals are planted along the street and the beautiful Snow Flower street is built. It has two foot baths accommodating 80 people with 100% hot spring water pulled up from 200 m underground and maintained at 41 – 43 °C. It also has a waterway. The foot baths are free to access and are popular for tourists as well as local residents even late during the day. Yuseong Hot Spring is the oldest hot spring among 116 in South Korea. It has the highest capacity in South Korea in terms of reservation and usage. It is a weak, basic simple spring that is smooth and gentle to the skin and contains ions, minerals (zinc, iron, etc.) and metallic substances evenly. At the hot spring theme park, there is an outdoor foot bath open to everyone for free. Recently, many visitors have found the foot bath which makes Yuseong Hot Spring livelier.

Yuseong Hot Spring 1
Yuseong Hot Spring 2
Restorative drink for the body

Yuseong Hot Spring water has over 60 types of healthy ingredients and it is proud to be a healthy hot spring without heavy metal content. When you look at the characteristics of the water quality, it is a simple spring with high content of Radium at temperatures of 25 - 53 °C and pH of 8.89. The water is so soft that after bathing the skin becomes very smooth as if soapy water remains there. It is greatly effective for treating various skin, nervous system, and abdominal diseases, obesity, diabetes, and female disorders. According to Donggugyeojiseungnam (the ancient book), the founder of Joseon dynasty bathed here when he visited Mt. Gyeryongsan to search for a new capital and Taejong (a king of Joseon dynasty) also visited here often.

Hour 05:30 ~ 22:00